"Precise Metal parts company" is a Hong Kong-invested enterprise which specializes in precision metal parts manufacturing.

Since 1980s, we dabbled and operated in metal industries in the brand of "Precise".

In 1997, we restructured our business and concentrated our resources in high precision machining parts.

In 2001, to cope with the rapid expansion of business, We established our Precise Industrial Park in Dongguan, China. Whole area got about 13000 sq. meter.

With over 30 years experience and a commitment to quality . Our team can support any your custom design and fulfill all customer's necessary. We continuously strives to provide our customers with the highest levels of quality, reliability and are committed to customer satisfaction.

We FOCUS and PROFESSIONAL to provide you our reliable quality and service.

  To provide you with quality products is our responsibility.
  To provide you with quality service is our attitude.

“ Continuous improvement and innovative are the power source of us going forward. We maintain a superior level of integrity in interactions with business partners. Your Success is our Success ”




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